If you work with deaf children and young people in any capacity, we offer the most comprehensive training programme available in London.

Whatever the size of your organisation, we can create a wide range of bespoke training programmes and one-off sessions to meet your needs.

Our courses and sessions are informative, accessible and absorbing, and cover all aspects of deafness and deaf education. New techniques and equipment are continually improving the lives of deaf children and their families. Through our training programme we can ensure that you and your organisation are up-to-date with the latest technology, methods and research. Our training receives consistently high ratings.

Here are a few examples of training activities we provide for nurseries, childcare providers, schools, visitor attractions and other organisations:
•    Teaching Assistant training in supporting deaf children in the classroom
•    SENCO and school leader training in making your school deaf-friendly
•    Teacher training in different types and levels of hearing loss
•    Teacher training in differentiating the curriculum for deaf children
•    Teacher training in supporting provision for cochlear-implanted children in your school
•    Teacher training in working in partnership with parents
•    Teacher training in tracking a deaf pupil’s progress
•    Teacher training in the use of audiological equipment
•    Deaf awareness training for staff at visitor attractions

Our highly experienced team of teachers of the deaf are specialists in a number of areas. These include:
•    Creating deaf friendly environments
•    Multi-sensory impairment
•    Cochlear implantation
•    Soundfield and other audiological technology
•    Optimising audition
•    Early Years intervention
•    Assessment of deaf children
•    Increasing parent participation
•    Family Partnership approaches

Get in touch with us to discuss your team’s training needs and see how we can create a bespoke training programme for you and your organisation.