The Formal + Curriculum is designed to provide an ambitious subject-specific framework which is aspirational and fully prepares pupils for life beyond Linden Lodge School. The curriculum is broad and balanced and is designed to enable pupils to make outstanding progress and to inspire. We base our curriculum on the National Curriculum Framework and ensure it is designed to meet the specific needs of our pupils so that they acquire the skills, knowledge and approach to become active, engaged and contributors to our society.

Our Formal + Curriculum aims

  • Promote pupils' mental and physical well-being so that pupils develop values and qualities to enhance their life and their community. This includes PSHCE and RSHE

  • To develop skills and knowledge validated by external qualifications to enable pupils to have wider opportunities in higher education and employment

  • Develop pupils' communication skills to enhance learning and relationships

  • Provide specialist teaching approaches and access arrangements to address each pupil's vision impairment

  • To provide enrichment opportunities so that pupils can develop their interests and talents to continue in their adult lives

  • To engage with pupils so that they develop intrinsic motivation and independent learning skills

  • To provide a culture whereby individual and team success is celebrated and pupil and parents' aspirations are met

Our Pupils

The pupils following this pathway are those with Vision and Sensory Impairment who need an accessible modified National Curriculum.

The Formal + Curriculum areas

The Formal + pathway offers a comprehensive curriculum offer. The array of subject areas provides our pupils with the opportunities to pursue their interests, and acquire and develop the wide range of skills and knowledge they need to become active participants in a class, school and wider communities.

They will also support the holistic well-being development of the whole child and lay the foundations for life-long learning. Each pupil is placed within a form group and then has access to the national curriculum subject areas, specific to their key stage. Pupils follow their timetables much like in a traditional secondary school. The transitioning around the school is also a crucial part of independence and incidental learning and one which is facilitated by the habilitation team. Each pupil is placed within a form group and is then taught by specialist teachers throughout the week, ensuring quality first teaching for all.

How does assessment support our Pupils

Our holistic well-being approach enables our pupils to access the national curriculum fully in an adapted and inclusive way. Utilising the EHCP and aspirational goals which are set outside these curriculum aims results in our offer being beyond that of just qualifications, we offer an education that champions access, develops cultural capital and supports mental well-being. As a school, we are uniquely placed to do this with our highly skilled specialist subject teachers and provision we can offer a secondary school approach. This contributes to the sequential nature of our school, ensuring learners are transferring knowledge and skills into new and exciting subject areas.