Therapy at Linden Lodge School

Linden Lodge provides an integrated model of Therapy and Education.

The therapy team is an integral part of the holistic, collaborative and effective approach to supporting our Pupils.

Linden Lodge is fortunate enough to have a team of Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Speech and Language Therapists on site, at all times, available for routine input as well as providing a hugely responsive and timely support when and where needed.

This fluid coverage also enables us to have a continued conversation with the Education team, working together proactively to adapt and jointly plan and create a nurturing and appropriate environment for our pupils.

Our team of Therapists are led by a Head of Therapies, a Specialist leads for each area and made up of a number of senior and junior specialist Paediatric Therapists.
These therapists hold a strong repertoire of skills being able to support with knowledge and expertise, Pupils with a range of needs including sensory, including visual, auditory and processing, physical, communication and dysphagia needs.

Therapy Provision

The enhanced support from these Therapists and the integrated model aims to optimise the Pupil’s education outcomes with support of programmes that facilitate accessing education whilst supporting their general and future development opportunities in areas such as; physically with gross motor, fine motor development; social and life skills and emotional wellbeing.

Within Linden Lodge each class and pupil has a dedicated therapy team, who work alongside the education team and additional complimentary therapies to support this wrap around care throughout the day and even into the residential setting in the evenings.

Our Therapy team also work in close communication with Pupil’s local Health Care providers, when and where appropriate, supporting local clinics within a hospital setting or clinics within a school setting for pupil’s health needs such as seating, wheelchair, orthotics, dietetic clinics etc. 

This holistic, child centred, approach to our support, integrated into and aligned with the different curriculums, with daily therapy presence and available support is a model we pride ourselves on being able to offer unlike many other settings.

Therapy Specific

Therapy targets are set dependent on each individuals need in collaboration with the pupil’s views, parents and teachers on both a long term and short term basis, in order to help each individual student achieve their maximum potential across all aspects of their school day and home life.

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists will support students with physical and sensory skills. These may include fine motor skills, motor planning and organisational skills, visual perceptual skills, the impact of any sensory processing issues on their everyday life and learning and independence skills.


Our Physiotherapists will support students with physical skills. This will include gross motor skills, motor planning and postural management support and monitoring. 

Speech and Language Therapy

Our Speech & Language Therapists support students with communication and interaction skills. This may include expressive and receptive language, attention and listening skills, auditory processing, verbal and non-verbal communication and social skills.