In addition to our day pupils, Linden Lodge School can accommodate 24 weekly or part-time boarders (Monday to Friday). Residential placements are designed as an integral part of each child's specific educational and social programme, forming a ‘waking day’ curriculum, which takes into account their sensory impairment, physical disabilities, emotional well-being and medical needs, enabling them to develop to their full potential.

Richley House, our purpose-built residential accommodation, caters for pupils of different ages, abilities and individual complexities and provides a stimulating, caring and happy environment in which the pupils can develop their self-confidence, independence and social skills. Residential pupils are able to access all of the main school facilities e.g. the fitness suite, sensory environments, swimming/hydro, trampolines, interactive gardens, during the evening as well as having the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities such as Guides, Scouts, theme nights, arts & crafts, music group, drumming, ICT, Film Club. Trips within the community include activities such as Youth Club, Theatre, bowling, restaurants, rock climbing.


‘Waking Day’ Curriculum

By providing a ‘waking day’ curriculum for pupils who board at the School, we ensure that they have the opportunity to develop a range of daily living skills with the support of experienced Unit Managers, Residential Workers and a number of one-to-one support staff. The staff work in a multi-disciplinary way, developing strong links and communication avenues with other professionals in the School.

Our residential staff assess and implement specific independence-training programmes for each child, ensuring that individual needs are met and that all pupils are safe and well cared for. Pupils are given opportunities to develop a range of life skills in a supportive environment with experienced staff. To include skills such as:

  • Shopping
  • Cooking
  • Personal Care
  • Dressing skills
  • Mealtime skills
  • Communication
  • Community Living
  • Social Skills
  • Daily Independence
  • Decision Making
  • Participation in activities

The Residential Statement of Purpose can be found on our Policies page.