Overview of Curriculum Pathways at Linden Lodge

Our curriculum is personalised to meet the needs of each pupil and to address the individual strengths and aspirations. We structure the curriculum according to 4 main pathways which enable us to create cohesive frameworks for learning to take place. The + refers to the addition of an extended specialist curriculum which is designed to meet the additional needs of visually and sensory impaired learners. This is integrated into the core curriculum, at times embedded and at times provided as a discrete learning opportunity. We provide access to a curriculum which promotes communication and engagement, develops skills and knowledge and importantly provides pupils with the support to achieve as much independence as possible. We offer accessibility through qualified specialist teachers of VI/MSI, adapted environment for VI/MSI, resources including equipment for the visually impaired to access learning, specialist teaching approaches including braille.








All curriculum pathways and areas have coherence with the SEND Code of Practice and enable authentic co-construction processes between teaching teams, multi-agency professionals and families.