Senior Leadership Team:

Monika Gaweda - Co-Headteacher Sarah Norris - Co-Headteacher
David Shaw - Deputy Head Magdalena Karpik - Head of Post 16

Heads of Departments:

Elizabeth Gillham EYFS
Andrea Aplas-Hill Primary
Jasmine Taylor Secondary
Magdalena Karpik Head of Post 16
Nick Sheffield Pre-Formal & Harris Centre
Sarah Norris Alba Centre
Magaret Carey Minerva Centre

Therapy Team:

Harri Ashworth Head of Therapy
Shannon Bengston Lead Physiotherapist
Fiona Pringle Lead Occupational Therapist
Megan Armstrong Lead Speech and Language Therapist

Residential Team

Jhenni Izquierdo Head of Residential Care
Danny Sinclair Deputy Head of Care

Wandsworth Sensory Support Service:

Sabrina Djazoul Head of Wandsworth Sensory Support Service

Please contact reception if you are unsure who to contact: