Birth to 5 Matters (EYFS)

Our Promises and Aims

For the children

  • We will ensure all learning is fun and engaging
  • We will respect that each child is unique
  • Time will be given for each child to learn and develop in their own special way and at their own pace
  • We will recognise and celebrate small steps of progress and achievement for every child.
  • We will build strong and meaningful relationships based on mutual respect and trust.
  • We will build positive relationships with the multi-discipline team working around the child and their families.
  • We will fully acknowledge the range and complexity of needs that the individual child has but will allow them to be a child and allow them to grow as an individual in confidence and self esteem

For the EYFS classes

  • We will provide enabling environments which caters for the unique needs of the individual child
  • We will create a happy, caring and enthusiastic atmosphere
  • We recognise and celebrate all cultural and religious backgrounds
  •  We will provide a caring, respectful and happy environment in which all children no matter their needs and their families feel safe, secure and welcome
  • We will offer an adapted EYFS curriculum for each individual child with learning through play, exploration and first-hand experience in a multi –sensory way being at the heart of all we do
  • We will promote communication, physical development and social and emotional wellbeing
  • We will work as part of the wider school team in growing together


Joining the EYFS and transitioning into the Primary School

Pupils join the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) between the ages of two and five. The amount of time that they spend in EYFS depends on their starting date in the academic year, and occasionally pupils may continue in EYFS until the age of six.

Many factors are taken into account when grouping the pupils with an emphasis on age range and special educational need. Transition between EYFS and Key Stage 1 is a key aspect for the team and emphasis is placed on ensuring that an effective transitional programme is in place when the pupil is ready to move into the Primary School.


“Play is the work of childhood.”― Jean Piaget

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