Orientation & Mobility teaching and advice are delivered by a team of Habilitation Specialists, who are experienced in working with children and young people with sight loss. We specialise in teaching the skills and strategies that enable visually impaired young people to maximise their confidence and independence, as they move around their school, home or local area.

Our individualised programmes are tailored to each child and include exercises to develop compensatory skills related to the functional environment and learning how to move around the classroom and school campus. Some young people will have periods of direct teaching on pre-cane skills, often moving onto using mobility aids (such as a cane or a hoople). Others need help to adapt their wheelchair skills to enable greater independence. Our curriculum also includes navigating the wider city environment and we teach road and personal safety in collaboration with staff from the Emergency Services.

We also have a SMART power chair platform and provide direct training for our more complex users as well as training staff how to develop a SMART programme.

We take great pride at Linden Lodge in our safe and accessible campus. The school is maintained to facilitate the independence of our young people, enabling them to be confident in their movement. We provide information, training and advice to staff, parents and carers and have good links with all those concerned with the daily lives of our young people.


Linden Lodge Mobility Services also provides an outreach service for the surrounding London Boroughs, for further information contact: mobility@lindenlodge.wandsworth.sch.uk