Admission Information

We are a very popular regional special school with a great reputation for transforming the lives of visually and sensory impaired children and young people.

The school has a very clear process for managing both visits and admissions to the school with our aim being to make this as supportive and clear as possible. We understand that choosing a school for your child involves time, research and commitment. The Admissions team here at Linden Lodge will support families every step of the way.

Step One: Visit to the school

Families who would like to find out more about our provision are invited to speak to the Headteacher, and following this, visit the school. We recognise that every child is unique and therefore our visits are arranged on an individual basis so that we can tailor each visit according to a child’s age, needs and abilities.

Step Two: Consultation papers from the Local Authority

Parents are encouraged to speak to their Case Manager in their home Local Authority. The Local Authority send Consultation papers to the school asking the Headteacher to consider whether they can meet the pupil’s Special Educational Needs.

Step Three: Placement Discussion

Once papers have been received the Admissions team organise a placement discussion including an integrated team of teachers, therapists and nursing team. During this meeting we carry out discussions, observations and informal assessments so that we gain a holistic view of the pupil’s needs and make recommendations on the curriculum, provision map and resources required.

Step Four: Confirmation from the Local Authority

Once the information has been considered by the Local Authority the school will be sent the decision. If the Local Authority agree to our provision we will then arrange a starting date and arrange the transition process.

We will ensure that each family has a named contact from the school to ensure that we can provide support and information throughout.

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The Admissions Policy can be found on our Policies page.