Linden Lodge School has always strived to be creative, innovative and supportive of our parents, carers, children and young people. We offer a purposeful, holistic and specialist education for the visually and sensory impaired. This is delivered both at school, in residential and in the home via the remote learning offer for students unable to attend school due to health challenges, medical needs or other health related reasons.  

Our Remote Learning Policy aims to:

  • Maintain the school’s core function of delivering a highly specialised curriculum to the visually and sensory impaired.
  • Ensure consistency in the approach to remote learning for all pupils who are absent from school through use of multi-media resources and videos.
  • Provide clear expectations to members of the school community with regards to delivering high quality interactive remote learning.
  • Include continuous delivery of the school's expanded curriculum, as well as support of motivation, health and well-being and parent partnership.
  • Consider continued education for staff and parents.
  • Support effective communication between the school and families and support pupil attendance in learning activities and sessions.
  • Bridge the digital poverty gap


Curriculum Pathway Aims:

  • In EY we aim to continue to share resources and learning experiences that support the development of three characteristics of effective learning: exploring and playing, active learning and creative thinking.
  • In the pre-formal pathway, we aim to ensure that all pupils have access to multi-sensory resources that are meaningful and support their engagement in learning.
  • In the semi-formal pathway, we aim to provide contextualised learning opportunities via a wide range of resources that support the development of communication and cognition.
  • In the formal pathway, we aim to continue the breadth of a subject-specific timetable using platforms such as google classroom.
  • In the Sixth Form, we aim to support our young people to develop work-related and life skills in the home setting and community.


Our remote learning offer include:

  • Access to a remote timetable that is personalised and reflective of students’ curriculum pathway.
  • Focus on EHCP targets and Personal Learning Goals to promote optimal access to the curriculum.
  • Selection of live and pre-recorded sessions.
  • Regular contact with pupils and their families from teachers, therapists, creative therapeutic team, habilitationists.
  • Access to multi-media resources, recorded audio stories, sway stories, tactile resources, multi-sensory activities.  
  • Pedagogical support for parents and carers.


Monitoring and Evaluation - we are measuring the impact and ensuring the Quality of Education of the home learning offer through:  

  • Curriculum content being moderated by the leadership team.
  • Pupil and family engagement.
  • Pathways and departments working collaboratively to create the best approach for each pupil.
  • Feedback being gathered from parents and carers.
  • Regular reviews and ‘lessons learnt’ approach so that improvements are recognised and implemented.


Home and School Partnership

Linden Lodge School is committed to working in close partnership with families and recognises each family is unique and because of this remote learning will look different for different families in order to suit their individual needs. The remote learning agreement will be developed with each individual family to support the personalised approach and support accessibility in the home setting.

Where possible, it is beneficial for children and young people to maintain a regular and familiar routine. Linden Lodge School would recommend that each ‘school day’ maintains structure. We will support each family with developing a remote timetable that suits the child’s and the family’s needs.

We would encourage parents to support their children’s work, including finding an appropriate place to work and, to the best of their ability, support pupils with engagement in sessions and motivation.