The Specialist VI Curriculum at Linden Lodge School

Pupils with visual impairment face many challenges to their learning and need specialist teaching and opportunities to achieve their potential.

We believe that in addition to the Foundation curriculum all pupils regardless of age and ability benefit from explicit teaching and instruction through a Specialist VI Curriculum.

The Curriculum is based on research and evidence on the key areas that visually impaired learners require support with in order to achieve their potential.

These are both embedded and additional to the Core curriculum.


The Eight Domains of Learning (NATSIP 2016) are:

  1. Learning to access
  2. Use of equipment
  3. Independence and negotiation skills
  4. Participation
  5. Meeting Others
  6. Getting around
  7. Looking after yourself
  8. Life after school

At Linden Lodge we use both timetabled and opportunities that arise during the day to teach these skills.


Specialist Support

Pupils are taught by specialist Teachers of the Visually –impaired. All our teachers are either qualified or will train within 3 years of starting with us.

We have a well-established team of habilitation officers who provide individual and small group Mobility and Life Skills training

Teaching and Habilitation is supplemented by our large team of on-site Therapists – Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists.

Pupils also benefit from access to our Creative Therapeutic Arts team including Music Therapists, Drama Therapists and Movement Therapists


Specialist Programmes

Individual braille teaching

Individual Technology lessons to enable pupils to access a range of equipment in preparation for life after school

Individual Mobility

Gifted and Talented Music Teaching

Social Communication Groups

Careers and Vocational Training


At Linden Lodge we have pupils with a Visual Impairment and often a range of additional needs. We believe that every child regardless of age and ability needs the specialist teaching and approaches that remove barriers to learning and promote high outcomes.