Headteacher’s welcome

Linden Lodge School's reputation as a School where every pupil can develop and explore their talents and potential has spanned many generations. We have a strong community built on excellence, kindness and commitment. Our specialism in Sensory Impairment, particularly Vision Impairment, provides pupils with innovative and fully accessible learning opportunities. We are proud of our diverse community and whichever pathway pupils follow whether Sensory or Academic we strive for excellence.

Our pupils are happy, stimulated and engaged. We prepare our pupils for lifelong learning and active citizens. They are encouraged to think, explore and participate in the world around them.

Our extensive campus close to Wimbledon enables pupils to benefit from excellent facilities and a tremendous range of indoor and outdoor learning spaces. Though this we provide a holistic curriculum which enables us to enable children to have fun and achieve.

Every pupil, from 2 to 19 years, whether day or residential are cared for and nurtured as individuals.

Please do visit us so that you can see for yourself what makes Linden Lodge such a vibrant and welcoming school.

Kind regards,

Deborah Rix




Head of School's welcome

It is with great pride that I introduce you to Linden Lodge School, a school for pupils aged 2-19 with a range of learning needs and sensory impairments.  Through the creation and facilitation of innovative learning opportunities, our school community is committed to providing the best education and holistic development for all of our pupils.

We meet the individual learning needs of each pupil through facilitating a positive and supportive learning environment.  All successes, no matter how small, are celebrated. We work hard to ensure that all pupils feel positive about themselves and their learning, supporting the development of their self-esteem and well-being.  As part of this community, we aim to instil in our pupils the importance of  working and learning together  to achieve ambitious personalised goals and outcomes.  We aspire to develop our pupils to be independent and confident learners who are prepared and excited to embrace their world.

We are committed to all aspects of education and promote the holistic development of each and every pupil.  To realise this, we work in partnership with families, parents and carers to support each individual child and young person to achieve their full potential.

Thank you for your interest in our school.  We hope our website provides you with an insight into our school community, its values and ethos.‚Äč

Best wishes,

Monika Gaweda

Head of School