The Isobel Family Centre (IFC) is open for access from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm every week day, allowing families to meet informally by accessing the family friendly foyer for a coffee with friends, using the computer hub to access online information and resources or waiting for group or individual session.

Throughout the year a range of different activities are running in the centre for children and families these include:


Parent/child activities where you join your child in activities which promote their overall development in fun and engaging activities planned and delivered by a member of the interdisciplinary team.

Specialist Group Activities

Activities which occur for a specific number of weeks and have a focus for learning and development which may include promoting listening and language, sensory stimulation, visual stimulation activities, literacy, social skills, social thinking and motor development. Keep an eye on the ‘What’s On?’ page or ask your teacher what is available for you and your child

Youth Groups

Different group activities are held for secondary school age children to provide opportunities to engage with others in a social context, build friendships and enjoy learning new things together.

Individual/Group Tuition

Available to young people with sensory needs and is provided by their teacher. This is organised through discussion with your child’s teacher and scheduled at a suitable time. Access to the internet suite provides the opportunity to enhance your child’s learning.

Sibling Groups

We recognise the impact on the whole family and aim to provide whole family support and activities, so throughout the year there will be opportunities for the siblings of children with a sensory loss to come and engage in activities.

Parent Groups

Opportunities for parents to meet with each other and share experiences

Family Information & Training

Opportunities throughout the year to attend workshops, training and information sessions on a wide variety of topics to enhance your knowledge and confidence in raising a child with a sensory need. These will include sessions developed by the interdisciplinary team and outside organisations. If you have a topic you would like to see presented please get in touch with us.

Twilight Activities

To ensure everyone can access the IFC there will be opportunities to attend twilight events at the centre. These are a great way the whole family can engage and meet others from the local community.

Coffee Drop In

An informal coffee drop in occurs weekly. This is a nice time to come and grab a coffee, chat with other parents or members of the team in a relaxed setting. There is no specific age range and children are welcome.

Workshops & Training

Professional development workshops on areas specific to children with sensory impairment for people working in the field of hearing or vision loss occur throughout the year. These are provided by the interdisciplinary team or outside specialist agencies such as The Ear Foundation.

Summer Activities

Over the summer break some occasional activities are planned to provide opportunities for families to access the centre. Keep an eye out for events or ask your teacher what is coming up.