One step at a time - Linden Lodge Innowalk

Linden Lodge is a specialised school for children who are visually impaired or deaf-blind. Many have profound learning difficulties and complex needs. The digital revolution benefits us all but for the pupils at Linden Lodge, it can be life-changing. Community at Linden Lodge, the school's parent/staff association needs your help to buy an Innowalk Pro. It's an innovative robotic device that can help pupils, many of who cannot walk or even move their limbs, to experience the benefits and joys of movement.
The motorised trainer can provide our incredible children with the physical and emotional confidence to stand and move. For some children, this would never have been possible.
There are also additional benefits including improved respiration and circulation, stretching of muscles and joints, improved bone density, better gastrointestinal function and improved social and emotional skills that can come from communicating with others at eye level.
If you are as passionate as we are about creating the best possible life for vulnerable children please donate, however big or small.



Sponsored Walk to raise funds for an Innowalk

Join us for a Sponsored walk to raise funds for an Innowalk for Linden Lodge children.
Last term, Linden Lodge physios trialled an amazing new innovation called an Innowalk with children at Linden Lodge and found that it was extremely effective in supporting children to exercise their limbs and gain the sensation of walking.
They decided to try to raise funds to buy an Innowalk for the school and we are hoping to support their efforts with a sponsored walk - the 10 Bridge Challenge on Sunday 16th October at 11AM at Battersea Park (near the Albert Bridge), walking the 10 major bridges of London to Tower Bridge.
If you would like to join us for 1, 2 or 10 bridges, the more the merrier - and see if your friends and family could sponsor you.
PLEASE confirm attendance via Classlist in advance or mobiles on the day.

If you can't come yourself but you could sponsor us - here is a link to do so: