Sports Clubs

Sports Clubs

We are delighted to share that… SPORT CLUBS ARE BACK!

Despite the restrictions of COVID and lockdown, we have been enjoying our year so far by trying to keep as active as possible. At Linden Lodge we are committed to providing our children with the very best opportunities in their learning but also in the range of sport clubs available to children across the whole school. However, due to the current restriction, all clubs are limited to outdoor spaces and bubbles.

Three sports are available for our students to join in and explore.
We currently have two coaches from Fulham Football Club who are available to take Sixth Formers on a football adventure.
Coach Debbie - our hockey guru is teaching Minerva 2 and Wimbledon on Wednesdays in how to combine sumo walking while keeping two hands on their hockey sticks with banana ends.

Below are some of students' comments after the club sessions:

Ay - Hockey was amazing, doing the sumo walk was fun.

Ja - Interesting, I used the hockey stick and whenever I heard or saw the ball I had to follow it and hit it

Fe - It was fun but I'd prefer to play as a team

Ai - It was lovely and fun

"Tennis Fridays" is supported by Bright Ideas for Tennis with coaches Danny and Metro who brought Wimbledon tournament into Linden Lodge. After delivering a very successful accreditation "Step into sport - tennis leaders" the PE department decided to we have decided to introduce Tennis Buddies (T Buddies). The T Buddies will be a group of children from Minerva centre or Sixth form who will use their leadership skills to be a support on the playground for children and adults alike.
All of our clubs are provided by specialised coaches and members of staff, who give up their time to share a passion of theirs with our children.
Thank you for all of you who joined us on the play ground.


The Daily Mile
Every day, each class are either running, walking or skipping around the field to participate in The Daily Mile. This will be a challenge for most of us, but we fully understand the benefits of this and thoroughly enjoy letting off some steam! The aim of The Daily Mile is to improve our physical, social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing.
So far SF02 and Minerva 3 has committed to the programme and the whole class will take part in The Daily Mile every day.