Online talk for parents: managing fears/worries of children

Online talk THIS WEEK for parents about managing fears/worries of children

The Wandsworth Education Wellbeing Practitioners  are offering a free online talk, open to all parents and carers of primary school children who would like to build their confidence and learn some practical skills around helping children manage fears and worries.   All children (and adults!) worry at times, it’s perfectly normal and even useful to do so sometimes.  However, if your child often gets stuck with worries and can’t seem to move on or if you as a parent would just like to feel more skilled at managing when your child seems worried then please do register and join us. 
This talk will be offered twice, once on Thursday 4th February at 2pm and once on Friday 5th February at 9.30am.  It will be the same talk on each day so please only register for your preferred time using the link below: