The Willow Hearing Support Centre (Primary)

A highly specialist primary education centre for deaf children located at Sellincourt Primary School
The Willow Hearing Support Centre (HSC) is a mainstream provision combined with a highly specialist education for multi-sensory impaired children aged 3 to 11 years and their families to provide an inclusive education.

The centre is staffed by three experienced Teachers of the Deaf (TOD), four specialist Teaching Assistants and one part-time Business Support Admin Assistant.  A speech and Language Therapist also works with HSC pupils in the Centre.

The Willow HSC has an extensive range of specialist audiological equipment to facilitate the needs of pupils who wear aid(s) and / or cochlear implant(s).  Pupils are encouraged to take care and be responsible for their own equipment with help and guidance from Teacher of the Deaf.  The Willow HSC has excellent links with the Audiology Department at St George’s Hospital which is in close proximity.

The HSC is a purpose built, state of the art accommodation which provides an ideal environment to develop listening and learning.  This includes:
•    Specialist classrooms
•    Interactive whiteboard & touch screen computers
•    iPads, netbooks, video and digital camera

Children based at the Willow HSC follow a personalised programme delivered and supported by specialist Teachers of the Deaf, teaching Assistants and our Speech and Language Therapist, including:
•    An individual Programme (IP) with short term targets identified through in-depth assessments, observations, learning priorities and discussions with teaching staff, the pupil and parents(s)
•    Specialist teaching in the Centre from experienced Teachers of the Deaf
•    Weekly individual / small group speech and language therapy
•    An individual literacy programme to develop reading and writing skills
•    A Personalised Audiological Programme (PAA)
•    Subject support from Teachers of the Deaf or specialist Teaching Assistants in mainstream lessons