SEND Report

Linden Lodge is a specialist day and weekly boarding school in Wandsworth, south west London, bordering Wimbledon Common and the All England Tennis Club. We educate pupils who are visually impaired, including those who are multi-disabled visually impaired, deaf-blind and have more profound learning difficulties and complex health needs. Our specialist area of work is addressing sensory and physical difficulties.


Linden Lodge continually reviews its curriculum offer to ensure it meets the needs of a complex and diverse group of children and young people.

The pupils require different approaches to the curriculum on offer which is bespoke to their needs.

Pupils with more profound multiple learning difficulties and complex health needs benefit from an integrated multi-disciplinary approach which combines therapy, nursing and care into their day and waking day.

Integrated working

We pride ourselves on listening and collaboration: We work closely with a wide range of teams within the NHS, many of whom are based in the school and who ensure that all children within our community benefit from and enjoy joined-up and consistent support.

Our approach is based on The Family Partnership Model of working which promotes exploration, understanding, detailed planning and partnership built on solid relationships.

Over the last three years Health and Education have strived to embed integrated working into the planning and management systems across the school. Integrated working challenges and inspires us to work collectively in the joint enterprises of education, health and care, based on a child-centred needs-led delivery approach, designed to support and enrich each pupil's sensory and physical learning to maximise independent living.

Leadership and governance

The leadership structure at Linden Lodge is designed to provide the best possible support for teaching, learning and care and to maximise the learning opportunities for your children. We work hard to ensure we have the capacity to support all children with sensory needs under the umbrella of Wandsworth Sensory Support Service which supports 800 children in Primary and Secondary schools in Wandsworth and beyond.

Linden Lodge is one of only 48 special schools designated as a National Support School. We are a specialist Sensory and Physical College and have a regional and national reputation.

The School

Linden Lodge is one of seven special schools in Wandsworth, which also hosts 63 primary schools and 11 secondary schools. We are one of the largest schools in the Borough, based on staff numbers, supporting a diverse community of pupils with complex sensory and health needs.

Deborah Rix is Head and Jhenni Izquierdo is Head of Residential Care and Extended Services. They each have Assistant Heads, senior teachers, Deputy Head of Residential Care and Unit Managers with them whose responsibility is to promote the best possible teaching, learning and care in the school.

Our teaching and care teams are very well supported by our business and administration team.