Positive Behaviour Strategies - training for parents

Transformational training for parents in positive behaviour strategies

We have a fantastic opportunity for our students' parents and carers with regards to the Transformation training in positive behaviour strategies which we have organised with TeamTeach.

This is an online type of training split into two 1.5 hr sessions which has been designed with the needs of our students in mind. TeamTeach courses transform a parent or carer’s ability to understand and implement simple de-escalation strategies to deal with challenging behaviour and encourage and maintain positive relationships beyond the educational setting. ‚Äč

To register your interest in undertaking this course, please contact Deborah Rix (Headteacher) on head@lindenlodge.wandsworth.sch.uk and/or Klaudia Matasovska (Behaviour Lead) on klaudia.matasovska@lindenlodge.wandsworth.sch.uk

Dates and times will be confirmed with the parents after registration.

For more information, please read the document attached.