Governing Body

Gov Body Structures 2014-15


Curriculum Committee

Chair Janet Coulston

The Committee is responsible for the delivery of appropriate curricula modified to meet the individual needs of our students. At its termly meetings the Committee receives a presentation covering a specific part of our '24 hour' curriculum, and also monitors attendance, school policies, parental feedback and the progress pupils make. Committee members visit the school regularly, participate in lessons and activities, and observe therapy sessions.


Finance and Staffing Committee

Chair George Dryja

The Finance and Staff Committee reports to the Governing Body on all money matters, including the setting of our annual school budget. It ensures that expenditure is kept under control throughout the year and looks after all statutory financial obligations, as well as having responsibility for such matters as lettings and insurance.

The Committee is also responsible for all matters relating to staff, overseeing the Pay Policy and linking that to Performance Management, and is directly involved in senior appointments.


Premises Committee

Chair Bruce Glockling

The Premises Committee is responsible for overseeing all aspects Premises Management at Linden Lodge, ensuring that the School has in place policies and procedures that ensure full compliance with all Local Authority and Government legislation. It is the Committee’s job to ensure as far as possible that the School premises are conducive to providing a safe and stimulating learning experience for every one of our pupils.

All Premises Health and Safety issues are dealt with, any major works projects at the School overseen, and attention paid to the day-to-day maintenance of the buildings and fabric including cleaning, catering, special facilities such as the swimming pools, the residential units, site security, the management of the School’s enormous inventory of assets, and the arrangements for the maintenance of the grounds.


Safeguarding and Clinical Governance Committee

Chair Graham Lovelock

This Committee was established in 2015 to focus on the multiple topics covered by the subject of Safeguarding and the significant and complex health issues surrounding many of our pupils.


Sensory Support Service Committee

Chair Judith Mellor

The SSS Committee was formed when the VI and HI Services were merged as part of the Wandsworth Sensory Support Service.  It is charged with ensuring that all statutory and local requirements are met for pupils with sensory needs. It monitors the progress of pupils supported by the Services, teacher development and funding.


Residential Care Committee

Chair Martin Schouten.

The Committee considers all matters relating to the welfare of the pupils while they are in residential care, whether for one, two, three or four nights in the week, and also reviews boarding numbers, staffing and the Units' premises and facilities. Governors make regular visits to the Units, observing mealtimes and evening activities, such as going on excursions, Scouts or Guides, or making use of the School's facilities in, for example, the swimming pool, music room, sensory rooms or the gym. Governors also attend Unit meetings, held twice a term, where the pupils can make their views known about their care.

All Committees meet termly, and all report appropriately to the termly meetings of the full Board of Governors.