Strategic Aims

We have identified four key strategic aims:

  1. To develop a thorough knowledge and understanding of each child’s needs and development in order to maximise personalised learning opportunities
  2. To build consistent approaches and practice which both promote family engagement and enable them to make informed choices at transitional points in their child’s life.
  3. Develop cohesive structures to record and share outcomes for children, families and professionals. Embed this within a reflective practitioner culture to raise achievement across the organisation.
  4. We aim to build an organisational infrastructure and development / extension of current facilities and technological resources with integrated systems and approaches which will enable us to deliver the highest quality teaching, learning and care of all members of our community.


To support these aims we will:

  1. Devise a robust Governance framework that reflects the accountabilities and increased responsibility across diverse organisations. This acknowledges risk, ensures safe practice and fulfils our duty of care of all stakeholders.
  2. Recruit and retain a workforce that champions the values, mission and aspirations of the organisation to meet the changing needs of the children and families.
  3. Build and sustain collaborations between Wandsworth Sensory Support Service and partners who subscribe and promote shared values and vision. Develop opportunities with partners to develop research and training programmes.
  4. Develop a marketing strategy which identifies funding streams which enable us to deliver our strategic aims.