Learning Resources and Library

The Learning Resources Centre promotes teaching and learning throughout all areas of the school, providing pupils and teachers with innovative ways of accessing the curriculum. We liaise with teachers and provide resources in appropriate formats for pupils.

We liaise with staff through focus groups to discuss and plan resources which are most appropriate for each class and each child, whilst ensuring continuity across the school.

Our well equipped library is always busy with individuals, classes and other groups who use it for a multitude of purposes. The library is split into two areas and is able to support our younger and older pupils, with seating areas for story telling and classes come in to read and relax, hoists for pupils to get a respite from their wheelchairs and bean bags, to lie on.

There are story bags and boxes, as well as variety of books in various formats, including Braille, Large Print, Moon.  We hold a variety of soft books and toys to cater for each individual child.

We also create books for our pupils in Braille and Moon format using our embosser, and help members of the Linden Lodge community with other Braille requirements.

Reading schemes in the library include:

  • Oxford Reading Tree (Braille/ Moon/ Large Print)
  • Follens (Braille/ Moon/ PCS/ Large Print)
  • Fuzzbuzz (Large Print)

Early Braille Reading Schemes

  • Feeling Ready to Read – Tactile
  • Fingerprint
  • The Abi Books
  • Hands On

Early Moon Reading Schemes

  • Moon Cats
  • Journey round the Moon
  • Over the Moon

Our state-of-the-art Interactive Wall is equipped with a variety of features including a scent machine, fans, solar projectors, an LED colour changer and eight sound queues. Pupils can interact using remote switches and the system can also interface with mounted switches, which enable the pupils to engage with their favourites stories and to listen to specific sound effects.

We also support the needs of the Wandsworth VI and HI services, workshops with family days and seminars.