The Apogee Centre

The Apogee Centre’s multi purpose capacity enables students to engage in a variety of Physical Education activities, including Rebound Therapy using the two ground-level trampolines. Rebound Therapy involves the therapeutic use of trampolines to develop coordination and kinaesthetic awareness. Students using the trampolines also can work on more physically demanding routines and activities to develop cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone. Students involved in the after-school club also practise trampoline exercises and activities, as well as performing routines in trampolining competitions.

The trampolines may be covered to produce a solid, indoor floor space for a variety of disability sports and modified games. During school PE lessons our students take part in the Paralympic sports of Goalball, Boccia, Sitting Volleyball and VI Football as well as adapted Hockey and VI Tennis. Students compete in many of these sports in competitions locally, regionally and nationally.

The Apogee Centre also regularly hosts training courses in Disability Sports and Inclusive Practice, delivered both in-house and by outside providers.