Committee Nominees:





Jerome Mackay


I’m Jerome Mackay, father of Louise in Lion Class and I am applying to be Chairman of Linden Lodge’s new PTA. I am volunteering because I know just how useful a PTA could be and I have always championed the idea, bringing it up each time I have met with other parents and with the school. Here is why.

Louise is now 7 years old and she has been attending LLS since she was 3, in fact even before that thanks to the weekly toddler sessions that were held in the gatehouse by the VI service. This early introduction to the school and especially the regular opportunities we had to meet with other families were a lifeline thrown to us in a dark sea of confusion, when balancing life at home with the necessities of work, compounded by the sleepless nights and the uncertainty of it all… I shall never forget the sense of relief to know our daughter was accepted at LLS and would be able to benefit from the special educational support she deserved and that we could never match at home. I was therefore eager to give back at some point.

Once in, I was struck by two things. Firstly just how strong, resourceful and caring all the other parents are, despite the stress, the extreme fatigue and the difficulties of everyday life. I was truly humbled and have learned a great deal in a relatively short space of time. Secondly, I was somewhat dismayed that there was no formal structure for parents to come together to share their experiences and contribute in any small way to building a real sense of community around the school. I was soon to learn that many factors were at play not least because so many pupils attend from so far away, but it seemed evident to me that having a PTA would bring about such positive change that I was determined to make it happen. By giving parents a voice, a place to meet, an opportunity to help shape the life of the school and by allowing teachers to contribute to these initiatives, the PTA will slowly bring about a better sense of belonging and a strong support network for parents. More than ever I believe we should stick together and help each other out, but also to ensure strong channels of communication are in place between parents and the school. We have special kids, our lives our out-of-the-ordinary, our PTA should reflect that and be there to remind us that we are not alone.

Time is a constraint for all of us, I know, which is why I will suggest to start slowly and adapt gradually to parents’ and teachers’ expectations and contributions. There are many ways, however, that can make a big difference without requiring great resources, like regular coffee/drinks meet-ups at times to suit different people, or parents and siblings activities, or just having a “buddy” system to pair new parents with more experienced ones… it will be up to us to decide, collectively, where and how to start. But I know we can also count on the support of the school, the trustees and the governors to make this PTA a success for all parents.

Some of you may remember me from the fundraising days for the Isobel Family Centre, which is now fully functional and will be the base for the PTA. I work full time as a marketing director in a start-up. My wife also works full time and we have 3 children. We live in Putney. I would be proud to serve as your chairman to set-up your first LLS PTA and look forward to hearing your ideas.

Yours truly,

Jerome Mackay

Vice Chair

David Shaw

Since I joined Linden Lodge in 2006, I have been working hand in hand with families, as a class teacher, Team leader of the Vision Support Service and more recently as Deputy Head of Linden Lodge, to ensure that we are able to deliver the best possible education and support to their children. During the summer term of 2017 I got the opportunity to work directly with some families in the construction of the ‘Friends Forever Garden’ based within the woodland walk. Whilst speaking to the families, it became abundantly clear to me that there was a want and need from parents at Linden Lodge, to become more involved within the school and in the Autumn term 2017/18 we began our journey towards establishing a PTA that will be of huge benefit to our families and staff. I am privileged to work for the most amazing children and their families and will always offer support to them to the best of my ability.

Vice Chair

Ann Guindi

Since I joined Linden Lodge Schools as Head of Safeguarding in March this year I have been keen to work more in partnership with parents. I believe that this is key to help children be happy, safe and achieve better outcomes. I have been keen achieve this and plan to set up a drop in coffee morning within the school to provide a way for parents to have their voice heard about how we as a school can improve in meeting the needs of our children and fulfilling their potential. I see being involved with the PTA as an extension of this vision and allowing me to work more closely with parents in striving together to enable this to happen.


Sam Carlisle

I'm Sam Carlisle, mum to 16-year-old Linden pupil, Elvi Wilson. I have experience on my son's school's mainstream PTA but also on Elvi's previous special school's successful PTA. I know how isolating it can be for a parent with a disabled child, I would love Linden Lodge's PTA to be there for all parents, to provide support, information and occasionally a shoulder to cry on.


Ashling Barve

I am the mother of a child who has attended Linden Lodge for the last 9 years. I would like to see all at Linden Lodge enjoy a strong community network with greater communication links between families and school. I feel a PTA will help build those stronger links which will benefit us all to move forward, feel more connected, support each other and plan events together that we can all enjoy with our children. 

I will support the PTA in any way I can.


Sue Coster

My reasons are I feel passionate that parents and teachers should work together to provide mutual support and share both knowledge and practical advice to best support our children. In this age of austerity and financial cutbacks we must strive to collectively facilitate what’s in the best interests for our families/ carers, with special educational needs children, to create a brighter future for all. Together we can be stronger than navigating this journey alone


Winnie Williams

I am a grand Ma and Carer of 7 yr old Aviyah in Lion class. I have been a childcare practitioner with decades of years’ experience behind me, from the time I completed my NNEB.
My career journey has taken me from the old nursery nursing in early year settings , mainstream school reception class assistant, after school  club facilitator for Out of Africa Experiences and PTA Vice Chair in Aviyah’s mum’s school 20+ years ago, I also had the opportunity to be a primary school parent governor. After training in Project Management and coordinating , I have initiated production of PID for small scales community groups both in the UK and in Africa . My extensive and diverse experience will  enrich the LL PTA school family because I am now a full time Carer for my granddaughter. It is a challenging journey but I realise joining with other parents and have a collective voice can be a life changer for our children depending at what level and sphere we can influence.


Fiona Woodworth

I would like to be involved in the PTA at Linden Lodge school, to work with parents and colleagues in forging positive working relationships between home and school. I have worked as a Music Therapist at the school for almost four years and would very much like the opportunity to be part of this group; I feel this is an exciting opportunity to further open up communication channels within our community. 


Princess Bell

I would like to be part of the PTA as I feel there is a lot I can offer. I have two children within the school, my youngest is likely to be there for the next ten years which means I will be consistent. I would like to be a part of helping shape the school for the better and I love fundraising and organising events which is where I feel I could be utalised the most. I have experience in many areas and would love the chance to share my knowledge with others.


Naseem Walker

Hello! My name is Naseem Walker and my daughter Leila is in Early Years at Linden Lodge.  I would love to be a part of the Linden Lodge PTA!  Over the last 6 years, I’ve received some of the best information, ideas and support from other parents.  So the prospect of a PTA which builds a community for parents and carers, working with the teachers, at the school where our children will spend so much time over the years is exciting and much needed.  I have over 20 years’ experience of advising government and business so I’m passionate about not just talking about change but about making it happen and would bring this to bear in my PTA role. 

But I’m also Leila’s mum and it is those first hand experiences I’m most passionate about contributing to the PTA.  For example, how we can support the siblings of our children at Linden Lodge and how we make the experiences for new and existing parents a really positive one. 



Elaine Kilbane

To follow…

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those parents and staff that have been involved within the PTA thus far. 

If you would like to express your own views and ideas or become involved within the PTA, please contact David Shaw (Deputy Head):


Tel: 0208 788 0107.