Communication with Students with Sensory Impairment - Guidance

At Linden Lodge, we are supporting students to learn all of the means by which people are able to make contact with one another:

relate, interact, connect, exchange meanings, send messages to each other, be together, be social and achieve shared understandings.

 All our students are different and have their own way of communicating and, for that reason, at Linden Lodge we are making sure that everyone’s way of communicating is valued and responded to. This also means that we need to make clear to others how to better offer their support.

Having sensory impairments have particular implications for communication development.

They create barriers between a child or young person and the physical and social world around them.

People with sensory impairments need different support to develop their communication that those that do not have sensory impairment.

This leaflet aims to answer the question “What is that different support needed?”


Communication Leaflet (PDF)