Equality and Diversity

At Linden Lodge we pride ourselves on the inclusivity of our community. Our Statement on Equality and Diversity for the school can be found here Statement on E&D.

However, recognising their obligation to ensure that the School meets the aims of the general public sector equality duty element of The Equality Act 2010 the Governors have also agreed the following actions to further this endeavour:


1. George Dryja has been identified as the Equality and Diversity lead within the Governing Body.

2. Equality and Diversity is a permanent agenda item for all Committee meetings, as well as for meetings of the full Governing Body.

3. We have developed a comprehensive Equality, Diversity and Community Cohesion Plan in which we set out how we will monitor progress of its implementation and the specific sections on which we will report here annually.

4. We will continue to publish articles in our school newsletters to help develop understanding, challenge myths and misconceptions, avoid stereotyping, and eliminate prejudice, throughout the whole School and Sensory Services community.