Specialist Curriculum- IMPACTS


  • ImPACTs is a curriculum designed by Rosewood Free School for pupils working at P-Levels 1 to 4.
  • Pupils undertaking the ImPACTS curriculum are not dis-applied from the National Curriculum. They are gaining knowledge, understanding and skills that support them to move from  pre-intentional levels of cognition through developmental steps and stages to the formal level required to begin to take on the demands of adapted National Curriculum subjects.
  • The ImPACTS programme offers a specialised curriculum in five Key Skill Areas: Communication, Cognitive Skills, Environmental Control Technology, Social and Emotional Well Being and Physical Skills (Gross and Fine Motor).
  • The curriculum also  recognises and values ‘learning via ongoing routines’ such as eating and toileting.
  • The development of each Key Skill includes multi-disciplinary working and the school using the expertise of relevant professionals to enhance the content and accuracy of the assessments and curriculum delivery.
  • The detailed approach has allows the school to collate meaningful data that highlights progress and alerts the whole multi disciplinary team to early signs of regression. The school is able to use the ImPACTS data to complete national returns using CASPA.
  • The curriculum is non – published. The reasoning behind this being that up to date research, educational and clinical knowledge is applied on an ongoing basis as research informs.

ImPACTs Curriculum Overview

Recent Testimonials:

  • ‘The outstanding curriculum is well researched and rigorously reviewed. It very successfully addresses learning and therapeutic needs.’ (Rosewood School OFSTED Jan 2012)
  • ‘Teachers use the school’s comprehensive teaching and assessment programmes extremely effectively to break down vital key skills, such as communication, into their smallest component parts. This means that teaching can be precisely targeted to encourage each individual to participate fully in lessons.’ (Rosewood School OFSTED Jan 2012)
  • ‘The curriculum is outstanding. It is broad and balanced and has been developed as a result of shared research projects with the school’s partners, based on school leaders’ deep understanding of students’ needs, skills and attributes.’ (Rosewood School OFSTED Jan 2012)
  • ‘The outstanding curriculum supports learning and teaching well.’(Jack Tizard School OFSTED Oct 2011)