Specialist Curriculum-ACe

Pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum based on the National Curriculum, suitably differentiated and adapted to meet their individual needs and abilities.

Setting suitable learning challenges

Teachers aim to give every pupil the opportunity to experience success in learning and to maximise achievement.  Our Primary School pupils follow a termly theme as set out in the spiral overview.  The National Curriculum Programmes of Study support teachers' planning and identify key knowledge, skills and understanding for development. It is accepted that teachers may not teach all aspects of programmes of study as not all content is relevant to our pupils.

The attainment of a number of our pupils falls significantly below the expected levels at this stage. Flexible, individualised approaches take into account our pupils' complex presentations and needs. We therefore plan and differentiate appropriately to enable pupils to demonstrate progress and to show what they can achieve.


Assessment is a process, which provides information about the experience and achievement of the individual pupil.  It identifies what the pupil knows, understands and can do, and guides future learning. It is an integral part of the learning process.

Ongoing assessment is viewed as a crucial element in programme planning and delivery. Teachers ensure that they regularly review pupils' progress in relation to their individual learning intentions / goals. 

Summative assessments are produced each term against the STP for each pupil. The assessments will focus clearly on "I can" moments and on what has been achieved during the term

Where appropriate pupils will self-assess their learning and progress in each session. Teachers will be responsible for designing suitable self-assessments for their class.

End of Year Assessment

Summative progress as P-Levels / National Curriculum Levels are completed by May half term each year.  The teacher is responsible for providing the data and providing analysis of progress through the year.  As a school annual progression is collated as is end of Key Stage. This information provides us with ‘progress from starting points’.

Termly Themes

Autumn Spring Summer

Me & my family

Focus: History & R.E.

People who help us



Focus: Science & Geography

Primary ACe Curriculum Overview