Music and Music Therapy


At Linden Lodge School all students attend a weekly music session with their class group. Although these are planned inline with the National Curriculum, at Linden Lodge we choose to focus on developing the creativity and communication skills of students rather than on a performance outcome.

Students and staff use music to explore, play, develop, share, learn and communicate with each other. By freely exploring music, we begin to naturally develop skills we need to further our musical ability, rather than focusing on skills before we play. Sessions are based around the termly theme followed by each Key Stage and our learning is celebrated twice a year with concerts which we invite parents and friends to share in our musical experiences.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy is an interactive, primarily non-verbal intervention. It offers children and young people at Linden Lodge a way to express themselves, to become aware of themselves and to interact more easily with others. Music is a powerful, emotional medium. Playing music together with another person, or within a small group of people, can be fun and satisfying.  The ability to listen and respond to music is universal and may remain unimpaired by illness, injury or disability.

Music Therapy draws on the qualities of music to help people communicate. It also provides a safe environment in which to express and explore feelings and experiences. In the context of a trusting therapeutic relationship, awareness can grow and develop through the shared improvised music of client and therapist; it can give an experience of involvement and a feeling of confidence. Individual and small group Music Therapy sessions are available on a referral basis throughout the School. More information can be found on the British Association for Music Therapy website: