Jack Petchy Awards

On Tuesday evening, 26 February, 4 deserving students were invited to Wandsworth Town Hall to receive their awards from the Jack Petchy Foundation for their amazing achievements.

Savannah was given an award for settling into Linden Lodge and for being cheerful and smiling all the time.

Grace was awarded for being an excellent role model and for showing increased independence as well as donating her hair for a good cause!

Michael has excelled in maths and has also demonstrated a very positive attitude and is polite to both his peers and adults alike

Awards were given in recognition of being an outstanding role model, making the most of every opportunity and being hungry to learn, demonstrating a positive attitude and being polite to both peers and adults for settling well into Linden Lodge as new pupil and always being cheerful and smiling along with gaining increased independence. Maths knowledge was recognised and awarded.
The last award was also for Maths and for setting a good example to everyone and who is able to make the most out of every opportunity and is eager to learn demonstrating this by excellent progress in his braille.

Following on from this the students were able to vote for the member of staff that they thought had gone the extra mile to help them. Tina Hatch was nominated for this for her work in helping the students in their food technology classes.

Well done to everyone for their hard work and achievements!