Year of Communication

As we came back from the Summer holidays and ready to start an new academic year, we started the Year of Communication at Linden Lodge. The first action was a whole staff consultation on what we consider are the most important factors to support students' communication at our school. These key factors will constitute the school's Diamond 9 of communication. A first draft has been put together with your thoughts and you will have the opportunity to comment on it shortly.

Following actions:

We are making a feedback wall once we find a suitable spot in the school!! This wall will provide you with information on how the year of communication is developing. Remember that we are all part of it and your comments and suggestions are needed. For this purpose, comments boxes will be available soon in different spots around the school. Throughout the year, we are aiming to start working on different projects around the following topics: Multidisciplinary work Training Assessment, recording, reporting and tracking progress Technology Engaging families Protocols in relation to language environment Roles in relation to communication Frequently Asked Questions Here are some Questions and Answers to provide you with more information on the Year of Communication, what we are trying to achieve and ways you can get involved.

What is the year of communication?

The year of communication is a whole school approach to improving our communication environment. This applies to communication between learners, families and practitioners. We are striving to ensure that the Linden Lodge community lives and breathes excellence in communication - in all ways, at all levels and all situations.

Why are we doing it?

Whilst we have great communication practice at Linden Lodge, we want to exceed as a centre of excellence in communication practice. We want to take the chance to review what we are doing, listen to our community, test out some new ideas to make Linden Lodge an excellent community. What are we hoping to achieve? By focusing on communication for a year, we hope to arrange a number of activities and events that help to ensure that we create the best possible communication environment for the whole Linden Lodge community. How can I have my say? Throughout the year there will be regular opportunities for consultation, chances for you to share your ideas and offer feedback on what is being tried. There will be a permanent feedback wall where you can find out about what’s planned, what actions are happening in response to your feedback. There will be regular polls and questions to help stimulate your thinking and guide feedback into the current project.

Who makes decisions and how is the project organised?

The project is overseen by the senior management team. There is a project task group who listen to feedback and propose actions on the basis of your ideas. There is a project group which includes the task group and representatives from each of the departments in the organisation. There is also a parent representative. There will be a number of small-scale pilots to try out different ways of improving communication practice. These may involve task and finish groups to get things happening. How can I get involved? As projects develop, the steering and project group will ask for everyone in the community to get involved. If you want to get involved in a particular group, put your name forwards to the relevant group lead (these will be communicated as they are identified, and will always be found on the feedback wall), or you can email:

How are we measuring change?

There are a number of measures being used to measure change, including communication walks, quizzes and surveys. These are being used to see what impact the activities have on practice, knowledge and skills. Number codes are used to identify responses, these are recorded separately from the responses to quizzes, but will allow the team to match responses at the beginning and end of the year to see how much change takes place. Responses may be grouped according to the pilot projects that will be implemented. Responses will not be related to performance used to identify individuals. Data input will be separate from analysis, by different people who won’t have access to full information to maintain confidentiality.

What will we do with the information?

Information will be used to demonstrate changes so that we have a measure of progress and how well we are doing. If you wish to withdraw your information at any time, please contact the project steering group or email: What if I have any more questions? If you have any more questions, please use the feedback wall or project email. Questions that are asked frequently will be added to this FAQ and shared on the feedback wall. This is a really exciting time for the Linden Lodge community, involving the School, College, Richley House, Outreach teams, learners, families and carers. We hope that you are as motivated as we are and look forward to taking the initial enthusiasm forwards to make our communication excellent!

‘Communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity’