Linden Lodge School PTA needs you!

Linden Lodge School PTA needs you!

We are looking for parents and teachers to join our Parents Teachers Association (PTA) committee!

We are making fantastic progress in setting up our PTA and the next phase is to establish a committee board. If you want to become directly involved within the PTA we would welcome you to put your name forward for the following positions:

• Chair or joint Chair (if applicable)
• Vice Chair or joint Vice Chair (if applicable)
• Secretaries

We will hold the PTAs first annual general meeting (AGM) the first week back after half term in which you will be able to put your reasons forward for selection. Once this meeting has occurred, a postal vote will then be sent out to all parents and staff and the positions will be elected.

AGM to be held: 13.06.18

If you would like to put your name forward please contact: David Shaw on 0208 788 0107