Ten-Pin Bowling Competition

Wednesday the 9th of May, 6 students represented Linden Lodge School in the first South London Ten-Pin Bowling Competition at David Lloyd bowling centre.

Our bowling team was composed by Kamil, Sumaya, Ellie, Jasper, Abbas and Thomas. We received a great welcoming from David Lloyd Centre staff, which accommodated us in lane 10. It was a great opportunity to meet students from other schools. Everybody was very excited when the first game started.

Kamil did some amazing work over the competition, pushing the ball hard with both hands. He got a score of 48 points, brilliant work!

Thomas had a great time, smiling and getting involved during the whole event. He used both hands accurately to roll the ball straight to the pins. He got a final score of 58 points!

Sumaya was a star; she did really good shots with a big smile on her face. She accumulated 57 points at the end of the games, well done!

Jasper really shined, he had a great time, laughing and cooperating during the games. He scored 41 points, excellent work!

Abbas had a great time in his first competition representing Linden Lodge, he did good looking to the targets before pushing the ball making him get 51 points, great achievement!

Ellie showed us a great performance of her shooting skills. She stood up to push the ball on the ramp using both hands. She accumulated 58 points, great job!

We would like to thank all the students and staff for their engagement and enthusiasm.