Panathlon Challenge

Tuesday 23rd of January saw the turn of all the schools in the Wandsworth borough become one and go up against 3 other boroughs, Kingston, Merton and Sutton in the first Panathlon challenge of the New Year. Our chosen competitors were Joseph and Ayyan from primary, Jack from the Alba centre and Kaci, Christopher and Samer from secondary.

The competition was different to any other, in some events each competitor from Linden Lodge would team up with a student from Greenmead School and there combined score would be final so team working was important here. Events such as Boccia had 3 Linden Lodge represented and Javelin was simply whoever scored the highest won for their borough. Students from Greenmead School took responsibility for polybat and table cricket. The finale was relay races of which all students took part in from both Wandsworth schools which was very nerve-wracking but exciting at the same time.

Joseph and Ayyan was a part of the Boccia team which won gold winning 2 out of 3 games but scoring the most points to nick the gold medal.

Christopher took part in a small amount of Boccia, the bean bag throw and the wheelchair slalom race, collecting gold in the bean bag throw and a bronze in the wheelchair slalom, another great trip for Christopher.

Samer was a part of the Boccia team and the standing long jump of which Samer won and collected the gold medal with a massive smile on his face, so overall 2 gold medals was around his neck!

Jack loved the trip; bouncing around all day, no wonder with those 2 shiny gold medals around his neck from the Boccia and Javelin which he nearly threw into a new postcode!

Kaci’s event was the powered wheelchair event which was took home a black medal before waiting for his time to shine in the relays in the finale.

Going into the relay races, the excitement level were at an all-time high knowing the Wandsworth borough needed to win this in order to win the whole competition, Kaci got us off to a flyer being a part of a winning team, followed by Chris who raced the final leg and was losing by 20m at the start and managed to turn it around and win! A few losses and wins later we still were none the better who had one until the announcement, the winner is… WANDSWORTH! The team had done it, the cheer from everyone was so good to see, amazing!

Finally we would like to thank the organisers at the Panathlon challenge for the invitation, Chessington community college for the hospitality, Greenmead School for the team work and last not but not least our children for putting in an excellent performance!