Chinese New Year

On Friday January 12 classes Federer, Lloyd and Murray in the Harris Centre celebrated an early Chinese New Year. Artist educators from the V & A Museum visited and we learnt about the different animals of the Chinese zodiac calendar. We all participated in a sensory story about how they had to cross a river and as they reached the other side this determined the order of sequence for animals representing different years. All of this was depicted on a very old Chinese robe from the V & A Museum. The students also participated in different exciting sensory experiences related to the story which led to everyone mark making on long bolts of bright, high-contrast yellow satin cloth. Everyone had fun sponging with different sized, shaped and textured sponges, we did hand printing and used pipettes,  rollers and brushes. All of these activities supported our upper limb and fine motor skills.
Finally after lunch everything came together with a big parade of a Chinese lion from our earlier story. Students took turns as the participating audience making noise with cymbals, gongs, bells and shakers and as participating in the parade holding the yellow satin they had made marks on earlier. We all paraded through the Harris Centre and the garden. Everyone had a lovely time and we learnt so much. Many thanks to the staff from the V & A Museum.