Erasmus Project students visit Linden Lodge

VALTERI is a Finnish national Centre for learning and consulting that operates under Finnish National Board of Education. VALTERI supplements municipal and regional support services in learning and school attendance. VALTERI Centre's locations are in Helsinki, Mikkeli, Kuopio, Jyväskylä and Oulu.  In all Valteri Centre's have a Valteri School for special education. VALTERI services can target the special education needs of individual preschoolers and pupils or a local school staff and/or school community.

In our school teaching is combined with rehabilitation. All school activities are rehabilitative everyday life. SEN assistants in school and in a boarding house have an important role in rehabilitation. Valteri in also centre of consulting and support services to local schools who has pupils in

•Autism spectrum disorders
•Language and communication
•Mobility and motor coordination
•Neurological illnesses or other chronic illnesses
•Vision / blindness / MDVI
•Multiple disabilities

Four Valteri employees from Jyväskylä were "job shadowing" in the Linden Lodge School for a one week. Job shadowing is part of KA1 Erasmus project funded by EU. Päivi Lång is a consulting teacher for MDVI pupils. Heljä Happonen is a consulting teacher and Heli Vauhkonen is a class teacher for deaf and deaf blind children. Ilona Lepistö is a nurse in Valteri.

We were all very pleased to have this opportunity to visit Linden Lodge School and meet all of you. We like to thank all staff and children in your school. You all were wonderful and very positive! Million thanks to Sarah Norris who did amazing job and organised a very lovely week for us! Thank you!

Feedback from the visit:

"Team Finland like to thank you all again well-organized days at Linden Lodge School last week."

" I’m truly impressed that how the Impact-curriculum shows pupils learning goals in everyday situations so well and it is easy to use"

"Incredible CVI assessment room. I wish we could have same kind of assessment room to ourselves."

"There were so many staff members who welcomed us to their classes and had time for discussions and sharing ideas! Thank you all!"

"It was absolutely delight to spend a week with you and in the Linden Lodge School"