Wandsworth Boccia competition

On Wednesday 18th October, 3 students from Parrot class; Joseph, Ayyan and Lillie from Primary, 3 students from Wimbledon class; Mary, Blythe, Samer and Christopher from McEnroe class in Secondary were invited to the annual Wandsworth Boccia competition at Burntwood School.

On arrival we were guided to our area for the day next to the courts which our selected teams would be playing on and the children’s excitement grew. Overall there were 8 schools present split up into 16 teams, Linden had a few games wait before either of our teams was able to play.

Secondary was up first which resulted in a 2-2 draw to start the day off nicely which was quickly followed by a 3-1 win and the secondary team was off to a flyer! The primary team was next to play who by this point were majorly excited but unfortunately resulted in a narrow 2-1 loss. The loss didn’t damper their spirits though, still excited and happy the primary team fought out a draw in their second game to put their first points on the board. The primary team lost their final game of the day resulting in a third place finish which was rewarded with bronze medals, the same happened for the secondary team however they lost their final 2 games as their league had more teams in which resulted in another bronze medal, a fantastic effort all around!
Now onto our students, Joseph was excited throughout but his concentration and listening was fantastic in the game, he was able to throw the ball closest as possible to where Elena was clapping (which she was standing over the jack). Ayyan was able to work out how hard or soft to throw the ball using Elena’s voice and clapping and produced very good throws! Lillie real-ly took her time and produced some excellent throws using her listening and concentration skills to throw the ball towards Elena’s clapping and voice. Mary was the captain of the sec-ondary team and was organising who is playing which game because they had one substitute at all times, not forgetting some of her near-perfect throws! Blythe was able to determine how hard or soft to throw the ball to get it as closest to the jack as possible using a different range of techniques such as over arm or under arm to her throwing. Samer remained calm when it was his turn and could see that he was concentrating heavily which resulted in some excellent throws. Christopher was able to put backspin on the ball so it didn’t roll further on as it landed onto the floor which was very impressive!

Overall we would like to thank the organisers from Wandsworth for the invitation, Burntwood school for the hospitality and last but not least our students who were who’s attitude and be-haviour was second to none all day.