Rebound Therapy Practitioner Training

Russell Walker, a former employee of Linden Lodge returned to provide rebound training to selected staff members of each class. The day was split up into theory and practical sections in order to get a feel of how to replicate this with the children.

A large section of the theory side of the course was going through the benefits and the rationale behind it, whether it be as simple as just having fun or as complex as the improvement of cardiovascular fitness, strength of core and limbs and body and limb function. In rebound therapy, a key word being movement, we learnt all the words which stem from this such as alertness, cognition, perception, gross motor skills, communication and the most importantly, enjoyment!

Safety was a big talking point also, with Russell explaining to us the positions that should be avoided on the trampoline; hopping/landing on one foot, the W positon (legs slightly in the air with hands under legs) and finally bouncing on the knees. Not forgetting the contraindications of which is not permitted on the trampoline such as women who are pregnant, an eye condition with a risk of detaching retina and any risk to damaging the atlantoaxial joint in the upper neck.
In regards to the practicality, new activities were introduced and how the different uses of equipment can be beneficial to a lesson.

It was a very insightful day with lots of learning acquired in order for this to able us to provide higher quality lessons with a higher numbers of staff now rebound qualified.