‘PAC’ Assessment Week 19-23 June


A– Aspirations

C– Celebration

What does assessment of pupil progress look like at Linden Lodge?

Pupil achievement is at the core of Linden Lodge’s self-evaluation and school development plan. Given the increasing complexity of need of our pupils, we have reviewed our assessment systems. We use a range of data to make judgements about the effectiveness of teaching and learning, identify the progress of specific areas and cohorts, celebrate achievement and identify priorities for school development.

Our rigorous target setting and robust assessment system ensure that pupil’s achievements are expected or above expected within our 5 linden Lodge Core Curriculum Areas.

We strive to embed integrated working into the planning and assessment systems across the school. Integrated working challenges and inspires us to work collectively in the joint enterprises of education, health and care, based on a child-centred needs-led delivery approach, designed to support and enrich each pupil's progress.

Therapy input is an integrated part of the pupils learning and development. Our new assessment system recognizes the importance of a multi-professional holistic assessment. A range of professionals from teachers, therapists, creative arts and complimentary therapies assess collaboratively to ensure the progress of pupils is moderated, therefore providing an accurate and reliable analysis of our pupils.

How do we evidence pupil progress?

Progress is evidenced through a range of different media, we pride ourselves on capturing progress and ‘Golden Moments’ using ICT. Each pupil has Pupil Progress folder corresponding to their specialized curriculum pathway. Pupil progress is analyzed using the CASPA system and an online assessment tracker. Our use of CASPA helps use to monitor benchmarking progress against other schools. The Online assessment trackers allows   comparison of groups of pupil, cohorts and subject areas within our own school.

Our Assessment of Pupil of Pupil Progress and APIES is our tool to help evaluate the holistic progress of our pupils and to ensure we have a systematic way of recording and identifying the Personal and Academic ‘Journey’ of our pupils.

  • Where each pupil was before
  • Where each pupil is in the present
  • Where we expect them to be next
  • How we intend to support them and what we will implement to further develop.

Assessment of Pupil ProgressAc Progress

How do we share information on our pupil progress?

Curriculum Progress is shared and discussed with parents and multi-professionals in        Annual reviews. We schedule termly parent consultation meetings to discuss their child’s individual progress, their targets related to their EHCP plan and discuss ways to develop progress at home and ensure skills acquired are transferable within the home                   environment.

We analyse the data groups and cohorts each term using our online assessment tracker. Data is shared with the School of Governors and Senior Leadership Team and informs our priorities for the forward vision and development of Linden Lodge.

Reviewing and designing a holistic assessment of pupil progress system signals to parents, local authority commissioners and Ofsted that the school is intervening effectively to    support even the most complex needs and ensure progress and planning for adulthood is at the core of the schools vison and ethos.