Research Project in Richley House

On Wed 1st Feb a group of researchers linked to Nottingham University came to visit pupils in Richley House to talk to them about being safe.
The project is developing ways to monitor the care of children who live away from home in care homes and special schools to check that they are safe and well cared for, that their needs and rights are met and that they have a voice.
They talked to some pupils about how they are are looked after and how well their human rights are met and what they think. They looked at whether they felt that they could speak out if they ever needed to or wished to about anything that mattered to them however big or small – from not liking the TV programme that is on, or wanting to go somewhere to not liking the dinners or being bullied.
As usual our pupils were fantastic hosts and very welcoming, feedback from the researchers was extremely positive. They were very impressed at how relaxed the pupils were and how caring the staff were.
A report about the project will be written (no pupil’s names will be used), we will let parents/carers know when this report has been published.
This project is part of work funded by the European Union looking at children with learning disabilities, emotional and behavioural needs who live away from home in children’s homes or special schools. There are four countries involved; Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary and the UK
If you would like more information about the project please visit the Ann Craft website