Lloyd Class visit the Royal Academy of Arts

Lloyd class visited the Royal Academy of Arts in Piccadilly on Tuesday 10.1.2017. We learnt about James Ensor, an artist from the past from Belgium.
When we arrived the artist educators met us in the main court yard where we parked the school buses. Inside the building we went up the lift to the 3rd floor gallery and had a welcome session using drumming and the echoes of the space.
Next we went into the main gallery to explore the exhibition. There were many paintings. One was a self    portrait, another was a still life of fruit and vegetables and another still life of fabrics, fans and dolls. Finally we all settled in front of a large painting called The Intrigue. This was a painting of lots of people wearing masks and costumes for Carnival. The educators described the painting to us and then we explored it through objects, actions, music and song. We explored lots of items that were in the paintings, such as: different types of fabrics, feathers, masks and hats. We were very lucky because we had the painting all to ourselves for our workshop because the Royal Academy staff had arranged this. Before we left the painting, we all bunched up close together to experience how close the people were to each other in the painting.
After that it was lunch downstairs in the Education Room. When lunch was finished, we then worked on making Carnival masks, just like in some of the paintings. It was lots of fun. We explored different coloured high contrast and textured materials to choose from. For some of the materials we had to stick them down using coloured tape, or they were tacky backed. We also got to add bells to our masks. The staff were very helpful and supportive. At the end of the session everyone got to hold their mask up for a celebration with song performance to show off our work.
Finally it was time to return to school, so we said our thanks and goodbyes and set off down the lift and back to the buses for the journey home. When we were waiting for the lift it was in a space that made lots of echoes, so Mr Nelson got some of us to make lots of noise to hear the echoes and that was fun too.