Transition Event with Justine Greening

We were delighted to welcome to the school our local MP and Secretary of State for Education Justine Greening on Monday 26th September. Our fantastic Transition Event –from childhood to adulthood was aimed at equipping our young people and their families to make informed decisions about their future’s and preparation for independent living.

The event was well attended by parents/carers, governors and professionals with the opportunity to find out about services available for our young people and their families at the time of transition and engage in a range of workshops for more indepth information and discussion on key topics.

This event complements the review of our 6th form curriculum, accreditation opportunities and links with partner colleges at 19 plus transition.

We were very proud that Justine Greening gave a key note speech about the importance of well planned and coordinated transitioning and the need for strong partnerships around the young person and their families. She gave the audience the opportunity to express their views, share concerns and experiences and talk about Linden Lodge and their children.

It was a very stimulating evening, and parents spoke about the value of the information obtained and the opportunity to engage in a most valuable dialogue with Justine.

We cannot thank Justine enough for her time and the support she is and has given to the children and families of Linden Lodge.

Please contact Tracie Gleeson, Family Project Coordinator, if you have any questions.