Minerva B visit the Natural History Museum

On Wednesday the 24th of April, Minerva B class visited the Natural History Museum for a behind the scenes tour. As part of our new link we have established with the museum through our science curriculum, the class were able to meet some of the scientists that work at the museum and explore, through touch, some wonderful and amazing objects that have been 3D printed including model of the world famous Dippy the Dinosaur’s head. Minerva B also were given the opportunity to explore areas such as the Tank room in which was a giant squid and a set of shark jaws and teeth. The group then moved onto a meeting with the museum’s fly specialist and she was able to talk to the pupils about some of the specimens they have within their collection. To finish off the visit, the pupils went to the Investigate Centre where they handled real dinosaur bones, whale vertebrae and many more specimens. Minerva B absolutely loved their trip out.

We are exceptionally fortunate to have this link with the Natural History Museum and we look forward to welcoming both Alex Ball, who is the head of imaging and analysis and also Kate Burton, who is a PHD student with the museum when they come to visit us later in the summer term.

May I take this opportunity to thank Alex and Kate for organising such a wonderful trip for our pupils and our thanks also go out to: Oliver Crimmen, Erica McAlister and Rosie (from Investigate Centre).