Science link between Linden Lodge’s Minerva Centre and Southfields Academy!

On Thursday the 25th of April, a group of Minerva B pupils visited Southfields Academy’s science department. The visit marks the beginning of a very exciting new link for our science students that will enable them, through Linden Lodge’s Minerva Centre, to attend lessons and complete accreditations based at the academy. Our pupils met with Mr Johnson who is one of the science teachers at Southfields Academy and who will be teaching some science lessons to our pupils in the future. Mr Johnson took the pupils into one of the laboratories and introduced them to what can be found within one, including exploring some of the equipment that is used within the science lessons. To finish the visit, our pupils met some of the year 11 students in Dr Triggs’ lesson and spent some time talking to them and exploring what they have been learning. They thoroughly enjoyed their time within Southfields Academy and they are looking forward to returning next Thursday morning.
Everyone at Linden Lodge is very excited about our new science link and being able to have the opportunity to take science lessons within Southfields Academy. May I take this opportunity to thank Mr Johnson, Ms Newton and Dr Triggs for all their work is getting this link off the ground and we look forward to working with you for the foreseeable future.