Resonant Tails

We are excited that this week Linden Lodge took delivery of our newest piece of technology
equipment. It was the console of Resonant Tails. It will be used in the Sensory Suite and staff will begin to be trained to use it after the Easter break. Students will be able to use their vocalisations and any sounds they make to gain immediate resonant feedback in a variety of effects in addition to controlling lights and each of the two detachable vibrating orbs. The orbs can be sat on a person’s lap or next to them to feel the vibrations. This equipment will be used particularly with students who have low or high muscle tone and find it challenging to press a switch and will help to develop autonomy and cause and effect skills.

Linden Lodge are one of just four schools nationally to have the Resonant Tails equipment which was bespoke made and we will also be using it as part of a research project with The University of Winchester and Tract and Touch.

We will bring you further updates as our students begin to use the Resonant Tails equipment.