Working with families

Our core value is to place children and families first. At Linden Lodge our families get to know the teams who support their child well and are actively supported to work in partnership with professionals.

We recognise that families know their children better than anyone else. Right from the start we make sure that we spend time listening to families, to find out as much as we can, as together we develop their child's care and education plans. Each family is unique and we strive hard to ensure that every family feels both valued and supported.

Families have been on an incredible journey before they reach us and have the significant responsibility of caring for a child with complex additional needs. This is a 24-hour role and brings with it both rewards but also challenges. We understand that families feel uncertain about what the future holds and may carry a sense of anxiety. We continually develop and adapt our support for each family, so that whilst caring for their children, we also acknowledge our responsibility to listen to and understand the needs and priorities of parents and carers.

How do we work with families?

We use an approach to partnership-working, based on the Family Partnership Model, originally devised by a team at Guy's Hospital, London.

This approach develops a working partnership between families and the professionals who support their child. It is based on mutual respect, trust and understanding of each other’s perspectives.

At Linden Lodge all staff are trained on the Family Partnership Model and supported in developing high-level listening and communication skills. A key aspect of the approach is the importance of spending time listening, exploring and clarifying with families, to get a full picture of their child’s needs and of their priorities as parents. We believe that listening to parents is key and that this allows us to support both them and their children fully.