Speech and language

Our Speech and  Language Therapy (SLT) team  provides support for our pupils that have difficulties with:

  • Communication
  • Speech
  • Language
  • Social communication skills
  • Eating and drinking

The SLT team uses a variety of assessment methods to identify appropriate support for each pupil. We aim to help all our pupils reach their communication potential to access information, develop social relationships and develop independence.

We work alongside other specialists in communication and feeding to support our pupils, including Teachers of the Deaf, our Sensory Service, dietitians, nursing and specialist centres.

Many of our pupils use one or more Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems to help them communicate. The SLT team has experience with a wide range of unaided and aided AAC systems.

  • Unaided systems we use include:  Gestures, body language, Makaton Signing, Sign-supported English, Coactive Signing, and On-body signing
  • Aided systems we use include: PODD communication books, PECS and Object exchange, Aided Language Display Boards, Object of Reference, tactile referencing, and static and dynamic hi-tech voice-output technologies (e.g. switches, GoTalks, ipads, Proxtalker, Tech Speak).

Therapy sessions generally take place in our classrooms as these are the most important environments for our pupils' learning.