Our Physiotherapy (PT) team is responsible for the assessment, treatment and management of our pupils' physical and gross motor development. We aim to optimise each pupil's individual physical potential.

Physiotherapy support is provided through:

  • Programs that are integrated into daily routines both at home and school.
  • Provision of equipment to assist with standing, walking, seating (to enhance balance and function) and lying postures across the 24 hour curriculums as part of a pupil’s postural management
  • Postural Management clinics to measure postural changes annually and to review postural management equipment and/or sleep systems as required.   Intense input for pupils following surgery or botulinum toxin injections where appropriate
  • Therapy Groups
  • Hydrotherapy programs when clinically indicated
  • Liaison with outside professionals, including other therapists and healthcare professionals, consultants and social care teams
  • Referrals to other services, such as Orthotics
  • Assisting the running of outside clinics such as Orthotics (fortnightly for Wandsworth residents) and Orthopaedics (4 monthly).

Our PT team is highly experienced in working with pupils with complex physical and learning disabilities and in the areas of:

  • Postural management
  • Serial casting
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Neurological assessment/Intervention
  • Non-acute respiratory assessment

Therapy sessions are likely to occur within our classrooms as these are the most important environments for enhancing our pupils' learning.