Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy (OT) helps our pupils to be as independent as possible in every aspect of their life at school.  Our OT team supports our pupils by:

  • Ensuring they have appropriate static seating to provide postural stability and promote function
  • Liaising and collaborating with Wheelchair Services, who identify and manage appropriate wheelchair(s)
  • Ensuring that they have appropriate access the school curriculum, environment and social activities
  • Supporting and advocating those with sensory integration difficulties
  • Teaching upper limb management and fine motor control
  • Identifying and providing appropriate equipment to  those who need help with  personal care
  • Promoting personal independence in all daily living activities e.g. feeding, drinking, dressing, toileting and bathing

Helping our pupils to become independent requires joint working with educational staff, our mobility team, residential staff, our catering staff, and other services, including wheelchair services, social care colleagues, and social services OTs.

Our OT team is highly experienced in working with students with complex physical and learning disabilities. Our OT has expertise in:

  • Sensory integration difficulties
  • Upper Limb Management
  • Postural Management Equipment to increase independence

Therapy sessions generally take place within our classrooms, so that we can enhance our pupils' learning in these important environments.