What Age Does My Child Start 'Secondary'?

Introduction to our Secondary School

Pupils generally transition from our Primary School to our Secondary School at the beginning of Year 7 (at the start of September following their eleventh bithday).  In occasional circumstances we allow pupils to move into the Secondary School during the academic year, providing that we have available spaces and that the transition is appropriate for that child.

Our Curricula and Course Accreditation

Our pupils at Linden Lodge School have their own attainment levels and needs, and are supported through different progression pathways to pupils in mainstream schools.

We offer three different curriculum pathways for Secondary School pupils at Linden Lodge School.

The ACE Curriculum is for pupils working at P Scale 4 and beyond and is based on the National Curriculum.  

  • Key Stage 3 ACE pupils complete units from the ASDAN New Horizons Scheme, which is an activity-based curriculum resource to support the delivery of PSHE, Citizenship and Careers Education.  The activities also support the pupils in developing communication and numeracy skills in a life-skills setting.
  • For pupils working at P Scale 5 to National Curriculm Level 1, we offer ASDAN Awards and Qualifications including Transition Challenge (KS4), Towards Independence (16-19) and appropriate Personal Progression Units (14-19).
  • For pupils working  above National Curriculum Level 2, we offer the ASDAN Personal and Social Development Qualification (PSD), which includes Entry-level Functional Skills in English and Maths, and units from the WJEC Entry-level Pathways course.
  • OCR Entry-level Science is offered at KS4 to pupils working at National Curriculum Level 1 and above, and can be completed during Key Stages 4 or 5, depending on the individual pupil.

The IMPACTS Curriculum is for pupils working between P levels 1 to 4 and is designed to stimulate and optimise our pupils' daily experiences. Our MSI Curriculum is for pupils with multisensory impairment.